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Vol. 6, Number 4-   Fall 2005

Quest is now distributed in PDF format. You will need to make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF reader installed before you will be able to read Quest in PDF format.

Download Quest 6.4

Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format, 3.0 megs. Please allow time for the complete file to download, approximately 2 minutes with a DSL/Cable Modem connection, 13 minutes over a 56K modem.

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The Battles of Narvik
By R. Walker

Three Guys, Three Scooters, and What Remained of Two Seals
By P. Gelbman

Philippine Wrecks
By D. Ross

UK Channel Diving: Challenges and Techniques
By J. Grogan

The Hybrid Wrecks of Whitefish Point
By T. Irvine




Equipment & Training:
A Quest for Saving Those Memories: Part I

A. Nava

Environment: Marine Protected Areas: A Chance for Marine Environments
E. Romano

Ecology: Exotic Beauty
D.E.W. Fenner, Ph.D.

Fitness & Physiology: Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramping
C.L. Martz