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Quest 8.4
1) Exploring Tamakas Ecological Park 2) Constant State of Readiness 3) DIR and the Recreational Diver: "Plan the Dive,Dive the Plan" 4) DIR in the Great White North 5) From Russia, with Love
Quest 8.3
1) EKPP at Source de Vis 2) DIR Amateur Photography 3) Runaway Inflator or Runaway Problem? 4) The Avalanche 5) Beware of Dark Alleys
Quest 8.2
1) The Giuseppe Magliulo 2) The Rhein and the Araby Maid 3) Cave Exploration in Mexico: The Adventure Continues 4) Big Sur Banks: California’s Best Tech Diving 5) Fun with Foraminifera in Yucatan Caves
Quest 8.1
1) Diving Down Under 2) DIR Survival Guide 3) The Jewel of the North Channel: The Wreck of the North Wind 4) Wreck Diving in Victoria, Australia 5) Toad Hall: Cocklebiddy Cave, Australia
Quest 7.4
1) Bringing GUE Closer to Home - My Home 2) Exploration Report: Sian Ka'an: March-June, 2006 3) GUE Project Diary: Narvik (Norway) 2005 4) Off the Beaten Track in the South China Sea: The Shipwreck D'Artagnan 5) The First Technical Diving Expedition to St. Eustatius
Quest 7.3
1) The Ozark Cave Diving Alliance 2) Why Another Open Water Program? 3) Back to Pantelleria: GUE Undertakes an Archeological Survey of an Ancient Shipwreck 4) Team Building: The BAUE Solution 5) The Barge Project: A First Step in BAUE’s Project Development Program
Quest 7.2
1) Water Resources, Sustainability, and the Public Trust 2) Rethinking Risk in Contemporary Technical Diving 3) Scientific Diving in Antarctica: The U.S. Program 4) Ox Bel Ha Exploration Report: February 2006 5) The Role of Italian Motor Barges During World War II
Quest 7.1
1) Abismo Anhumas: The Greatest Adventure in Brazil 2) X-Marks the Spot: The Saint James – Lake Erie 3) Imagine This! 4) The Wreck of the USS New York 5) Growth and Sustainability: An Ecological Perspective
Quest 6.4
1) UK Channel Diving: Challenges and Techniques 2) The Battles of Narvik 3) Three Guys, Three Scooters, and What Remained of Two Seals 4) The Hybrid Wrecks of Whitefish Point 5) Philippine Wrecks
Quest 6.3
1) Mother City - Mother Ocean: Discovering South Africa 2) Motivations for Technical Diving 3) Time to Shine: GUE Cave 2 in Mexico 4) Evolution and Sexual Conflict: A Lesson from Flatworms and Sea-slugs 5) Gender and the Technical Diver
Quest 6.2
1) "Do You Want to Dive the Victoria?" 2) Exploring Sistema Maya 3) Treasure & Salvage Law: Finders Keepers? Not Necessarily! 4) Further from Daylight: Extending the Reach of Cathedral Canyon 5) The History of a Destroyer The Pilade Bronzetti
Quest 6.1
1) What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Quebec 2004 2) Perfect Mixture 3) Trying on Triox 4) Introduction to Guideline Procedures, Part III 5) Provence Wreck Expedition
Quest 5.4
1) The Hidden Danger of Reefs 2) S/S Vigsnes 3) Emerald City, Emerald Seas 4) Introduction to Guideline Procedures, Part II 5) Battlefield Calculations
Baltic Sea Wreck Diving

What is "Doing It Right" Diving?
Global Underwater Explorers' President Jarrod Jablonski explains the evolution of concepts behind DIR gear and team configurations

Cave Diving